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This is a conversational style podcast based in the island of Guam.
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Jul 28, 2017

Episode #096

The homies, Kikoman and Jude, jump on the podcast with Jude's longtime friend, Nick Stevens.  Nick is currently a traveller of the world and his outlook on life is seriously inspiring.

Jun 11, 2017

Episode #094


Dr. Austin Shelton is an expert in marine biology and an assistant professor at the University of Guam

May 21, 2017

Episode #093


Tomas Rojas, CJ Noket, and Ned Pablo jump on the podcast to talk culture, identity, and the possibilities in the future of Guam. 

May 14, 2017

Episode #092


David Lopez is a local artist, musician, and the host of Taste Buds on 89.3 KPRG Radio.

Mar 12, 2017

Episode #090


Manny Cruz is the host of the Fanachu'! Podcast.

Feb 22, 2017

Episode #088


Cuddy Q is a musician who has fully immersed himself into the local culture and is blasting onto the mainstream with his latest local viral hit, Island Girls.

Feb 14, 2017

Episode #087


Drew Arce and Darrell Shandor are salesmen. But there's more than meets the eye!! Check it out!!

Feb 7, 2017

Episode #086


MR hits Japan and meets up for a quick episode with podcast veteran Steve Lefever.

Jan 18, 2017

Episode #085


Terrence Diego, Peter Carbullido, and John Kamminga are members of The Hurao Academy.

Dec 20, 2016

Episode #083 - Matt Sgro


Longtime friend of the podcast visiting the island after splitting abruptly 9 months ago to chase his dreams.

Dec 5, 2016

Episode #081 - Peter Quiambao


Peter Quiambao is one of the spearheads of the video game fighting community here in Guam. 

Nov 7, 2016

Episode #077


Dr. Mike Bevacqua is a professor at The University of Guam, columnist, and advocate for the revitalization of the Chamorro language and the decolonization effort.

Oct 23, 2016

Episode #076 - Ray Chargualaf


Ray Chargualaf is a fitness expert and entrepreneur.

Oct 17, 2016

Episode #075 - Moneka De Oro


Moneka De Oro is a Cultural Practicioner in the Healing Arts of using Traditional Chamorro Techniques to heal the body.  She shares her view on Chamorro Identity and Chamorro Healing.  Find out more about this aspect of the Chamorro Culture by listening to this episode of Master Random.

Oct 10, 2016

Episode #074 - Joey Certeza


 Joey Certeza is an artist, entrepreneur, and cultural practitioner. We explore the meaning of what it takes to be "Chamorro", what is indigenous art, and where do we draw the lines between ancient and modern indigenous art.

Sep 19, 2016

Episode #073 - Kenneth Hunn


The podcast finds itself in the Big Apple, NYC, with long time friend, Kenneth Hunn.  This episode is filled with a whole mouthful of awesome ideas and conversation that will leave you with some food for thought.  American politics and American economy is discussed and boy, it's a wild ride.  Grab your favorite beverage, plug in your headphones, and delve into another awesome episode of Master Random.

Aug 15, 2016

Episode #066 


Nate Daddy and AJT jump on the podcast and hang out to talk shit. Enjoy hanging out with the most best friends of the podcast!



Aug 7, 2016

Episode #063


John Bermudes is a freelancer, entrepreneur, local artist, former solider, teacher, and musician.

Aug 1, 2016

Episode #062


RasDude jumps on the podcast after over a year of living off island. He is back visiting and wanted to do an episode. He always has the crazy stories. Thought it ended with Episode 007?! We picked up right where we left off. Check it out!!

Jul 31, 2016

Episode #061


Ryan Shook is a musician, audio engineer, audio techie, and producer of the albums by Matala and The John Dank Show. Check it out!!

Jul 25, 2016

Episode #060


Freddy ForPeace jumps back on the podcast and it's all about life, music, and staying positive in a negative world. Check it out!!

Jul 10, 2016

Episode #057


Nia Serneo jumps on the podcast with her second visit to the studio!! She's awesome and needs her own show! She still doesn't know why I asked her to be on the show. Listen in and find out why! Check it out!! 

Jun 19, 2016

Episode #054


Couple of months ago we ran to a problem with the recording of our conversation with Dr. Mike Bevacqua during our live show. We determined that we weren't able to retrieve the most content. So we decided to still release the episode because it's got information that all of us can use and understand when it comes to decolonization. Hope you enjoy!!

Jun 5, 2016

Steve Lefever jumps on the podcast "in real life". We dig in to the depths of philosophy and our minds. Check it out!!

May 30, 2016

We made it to 50 episodes!!! Join our conversation with Guam's MMA Queen, Brogan Walker. She's making a killing in her young professional MMA career and the only way is up! Catch everything from nutrition, to education, and fighting. Check it Out!!

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